Lancia Aurelia B20 GT 2nd Series Rosso Amaranto 1952

The Lancia Aurelia is one of the famous designs Lancia produced, it was made from 1950 until 1958. It is noted for using the first ever production V6 engine. The Aurelia was offered in different styles, a 4-door saloon, 2-door coupé, 2-door spider and a 2-door convertible. Following the Lancia tradition, the car was named after a Roman road, Via Aurelia, leading from Rome to Pisa.

The Aurelia was designed under the direction of engineer Vittorio Jano. The engine, the first production V6, with a 60° design, was developed by Francesco de Virgilio. He was a Lancia engineer, who worked under Jano, between 1943 and 1948. The engine was an all-alloy pushrod design with a single camshaft between the cylinder banks. A single Solex or Weber carburettor completed the engine. Some uprated 1991 cc models were fitted with twin carburettors.

At the rear featured an innovative combination transaxle with the gearbox, clutch, differential, and inboard-mounted drum brakes. The front suspension was a sliding pillar design, with rear semi-trailing arms replaced by a de Dion tube in the Fourth series. The Aurelia was also the first car to be fitted with radial tires as standard equipment. Initially 165SR400 Michelin X and later the sports models were fitted with the 165HR400 Pirelli Cinturato.

The very first Aurelias were the B10 berlinas. They used a 1754 cc version of the V6 which produced 56 HP. The B21 was released later, in 1951 with a larger 1991 cc engine, producing 70 HP. A 2-door B20 GT coupé appeared that same year. It featured a shorter wheelbase and a beautiful Ghia-designed, Pininfarina-built body. The same 1991 cc engine produced 75 HP in the B20.

The car shown here is a B20 GT from the second series. The second series Aurelia coupé pushed the power up to 80 HP from the 1991 cc V6 with a higher compression ratio and repositioned valves. Other changes included better brakes and minor styling tweaks, such as chromed bumpers instead of the earlier aluminium ones. A new dashboard featured two larger instrument gauges. The suspension was unchanged from the first series.

This car, in beautiful Rosso Amaranto, was imported from Italy 10 years ago, repainted and retrimmed. Freshly serviced, front suspension rebuild. The car represent very well, with excellent panel fit and seems to be in very original order. With matching nrs. On a recent test drive the car performed very well, with great power, fine handeling and good gear changes, showing that these cars were very advanced in their time. The car comes with Belgian registration papers.

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