Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV 1970 silver

Model history

The basic body shape shared by all 105/115 series coupés was designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro for Bertone. It was one of his first major projects for Bertone, and borrowed heavily from his earlier design for the Alfa Romeo 2000 Sprint/2600 Sprint. The balance of glass and metal, the influence of the shape of the front and rear glass on the shape of the cabin, and the flat grille with incorporated headlamps were groundbreaking styling features for the era.

All models featured the four cylinder, light alloy Alfa Romeo Twin Cam engine in various cubic capacities from 1290 cc to 1962 cc, all with two valves per cylinder. All versions of this engine fitted to the 105 series coupés featured twin carburettors, except for US market 1750 GTV and 2000 GTV cars which were fitted with fuel injection. Competition models featured cylinder heads with twin spark plugs. Common to all models was also a 5-speed manual transmission and disc brakes on all four wheels. The rear suspension uses a beam axle with coil springs. Air conditioning and a limited slip rear differential were optional on the later models.

The Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT was the first Giulia sport model introduced, and was manufactured from 1963 to 1965. It was revealed at a press event held at the then newly opened Arese plant on 9 September 1963, and displayed later the same month at the Frankfurt Motor Show. In its original form the Bertone body is known as scalino or 'step front', because of the leading edge of the engine compartment lid which sat above the nose of the car.

The Alfa Romeo 1750 GT Veloce, also known as the 1750 GTV, entered production in late 1967 together with the 1750 Berlina sedan and the 1750 Spider. The 1750 GTV replaced the Giulia Sprint GT Veloce and introduced many updates and modifications. The engine displacement was increased to 1779cc, producing now 118 hp at 5500 rpm. Significant modifications on the chassis, brakes and suspension resulted in a much better handling.

Externally, the front grill style changed a lot. The step-front (scalino) disappeared and 4 headlamps were fitted instead of 2. Most noticeable changes in the interior were the introduction of a new dashboard with a large speedometer an tachometer and new seats with adjustable headrests.

Alfa Romeo made 2 series of the 1750 GTV and the 2nd series is easily recognizable due to the different bumpers and turn signal lights.

The Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV was a sporting GT, combining the high speeds, handling, safety and braking of a competitive car with real elegance, refinement and comfort. Many enthusiasts think the 1750 is the sweetest engine of all series.

This example

This very nice Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV 2nd series was manufactured on 11 June 1970. Sold through Alfa Romeo dealer Rocchi & Uberti in December 1970 to a Dutchman living in Brescia, Italy. 3 years later, Mr. Ruys moved back to the Netherlands and took the Alfa with him. Since then, the car always remained in the Netherlands and comes with its old Dutch registration.

According to Centro Documentazione Alfa Romeo, the car is presented in its original body colour metallic light grey, with a black skai interior.

The current owner is a real Alfa enthusiast who bought the car in 2009. He has always had the car maintained by Alfa specialists who worked over the years on all the mechanics.

The bodywork and paint is in very good condition. Documentation of the body restoration come with the car. The skai front seats, upholstery on the center console, carpets, and rubber mats for the luggage compartment were recently renewed in 2018.

A lot of invoices come with the car together with quite importantly its original service book. Most recent work was done just 3 months ago.

This Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV runs and drives very well and comes with a fresh APK (MOT/TUV/CT). The gearbox is very smooth and like any classic Alfa Romeo, the sound is beautiful! Complete with history and original colour configuration, this is a very interesting car for any Alfa enthusiast!

Do ask for our walk around video or more pictures as required.

Price is 42.500,- euro.

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