Ferrari 365 GT 2+2 1970 silver

The Ferrari 365 was Ferrari's large front-engine, rear-wheel-drive and 2+2-seater grand tourer line.

The 365 California was the first one in the line-up and replaced the 500 Superfast in 1966. Its 4.4 L V12 engine was based on the 330's 4.0 L Colombo unit, but with an increased bore of 81 mm. This resulted in an engine capable of producing around 316 HP at 6.600 RPM. Integrating the gearbox with the final drive gave these cars a nicely balanced 50:50 weight distribution. The 365 California used the same chassis as the 500 Superfast but with an evolutionary cabriolet body styled by Pininfarina. Debuting at the Geneva Motor Show in 1966, just 14 examples were produced (including 2 right hand drive), before production ended in 1967. Whilst the prototype was built on a 330 GT 2+2 type 571 chassis, production cars featured the type 598 chassis. Chassis' were sent to Pininfarina's Grugliasco plant to be bodied and trimmed which were later returned to Ferrari for fitment of the mechanical components.

The most popular 365 model was 1968's 365 GT 2+2, replacing the 330 GT 2+2. Unlike the 330 GT 2+2 car it replaced, which had a live rear axle on leaf springs, the 365GT 2+2 had independent rear suspension rather than the live axle of the 365 California.

It was a luxurious car with leather seats, power steering and brakes, electric windows, and optional air conditioning. It quickly became the company's top-selling model with about 800 produced in four years, 52 of which were right hand drive.

The car shown here is a beautiful GT 2+2 in a simple, but stylish colour combination of silver with black leather interior.

This elegant Ferrari was sold new in Oktober 1970 by SAVAF in Geneva Switzerland.

It then found its way to a collector in Portugal who in turn sold it to an English gentleman with Portugese origin.

In 2006 it still had only 69.942 km on clock. It was however treated to a bare metal restoration and without any significant rust it was nicely repainted in silver metallic.

In 2012 it moved again, this time it went to a well known Belgium collector who send the car to a Ferrari specialist first for a general check and then a partial engine rebuilt.

It comes with EEC papers, a Ferrari certificate showing matching nrs, nice reupholstered leather interior, stainless steel exhausts.

It now has 73.500 km on clock and only 3000 km with the refreshened engine. On a 200 km test drive the car performed very well and comes with a strong powerful smoke free engine and a good working gearbox.

It is a really fast Gran Tourismo and when allowed will run easily 160 km/h all day but even more it handles very well and is a classic aggressive 12 cilinder from Maranello. Forza Ferrari!

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