Ferrari 612 Scaglietti One to One 2009

Vehicle History

The Ferrari 612 Scaglietti was Ferrari’s replacement for the smaller Ferrari 456, its larger size results in the 612 having adequate space in the rear seats for adults. The design, especially the large side scallops and the headlights, pays homage to the coach built 1954 Ferrari 375 MM that director Roberto Rossellini had commissioned for his wife, Ingrid Bergman.

The 612 was Ferrari's second all-aluminium vehicle, the first being the 360 Modena. Its space frame, manufactured in collaboration with Alcoa, is made from extrusions and castings of the material, and the aluminium body is then welded on. Its engine is shared with the Ferrari 575 Superamerica, with a compression ratio of 11:1 the car was able to attain a top speed of 323 km/h and accelerate from 0–100 km/h in 4.2 seconds.

Two choices of transmissions were available on the 612, a 6-speed manual or the 6-speed semi-automatic paddle shift transmission designated the F1A, a much refined version of the F1 transmission used in the 360.

The body of the 612 was produced at Ferrari's Carrozzeria Scaglietti plant, the former home of the car's namesake coachbuilder in Modena, Italy. It was then taken to the Ferrari factory located at Maranello were the V12 engine along with the interior were installed. A total of 3,025 cars were ultimately produced.

In early 2008, at the Geneva Car show, Ferrari unveiled the One-To-One (OTO) personalization program and thereafter the 612 was only be available through this special order process. The OTO program took the catalog of options under the existing Carrozzeria Scaglietti Programme a step further. Clients hand-picked a wide variety of options from leather swatches to brake calipers and everything in between.

This Example

This particular Ferrari 612 Scaglietti is an original Italian car and very beautiful personalized One-To-One (OTO). The car has lots of attractive options relative to the ''standard'' 612 Scaglietti. It has among others an electrochroamatic glass roof that can tint and lighten and a leather steering wheel with three-position Manettino and Engine Start button. It has a 6-speed automatic F1 transmission and only 64.401 km from new.

It was delivered new by Leone S.R.L. in Prato, Italy on the 9th of January 2009 in the attractive color Argento Nurburgring with a tasteful dark brown full leather interior. The car has been well maintained ever since and comes with records of service history. This car is now ready to be enjoyed by a new owner!

An example of some of the service records of this car:

  • Serviced on 07-09-2009 at 8.668 km
  • Serviced on 18-02-2010 at 19.079 km
  • Serviced on 29-07-2010 at 28.550 km
  • Serviced on 01-12-2011 at 38.537 km
  • Serviced on 13-09-2015 at 48.009 km
  • Serviced on 08-12-2016 at 52.243 km
  • Serviced on 08-03-2018 at 59.126 km

Reduced price is €89.500,-.

The car is at this moment not in our showroom. Viewing by appointment only. Please call if you would like to see this car.

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