Fiat 6C 1500 Touring Berlinetta 1937

Elegant Fiat 6C 1500 Berlinetta with fantastic bodywork by Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera from 1937.

The very rare car is of a great design by Touring. All aluminium bodywork. Only very few were made. Each one has its own design differences.

The 6 cylinder engine runs very smooth coupled to its good 4 speed Fiat gearbox.

The bodywork is very nice but in 3 spots paint repairs have been made due to parking damage and the modern paint has reacted with the old cellulose paint to requires touch up again.

The interior has surely been retrimmed and looks fresh and unused.

Registered in the Registro FIAT Italiano under nr. 919 in 1993

In 1997 it was certified by ASI to gold standard

Ownership history as known to us:

Before 1993 it was registered in France under plate nr: 8387XU57

in 1993 it was registered in Treviso to a Mr. G. Moroncelli

In 2008 it was transferred to a Mr. P. Petrilli in Rome.

The car came to Holland 2 years ago and was stored in another big collection.

The car has recently been serviced and runs well, however it has only been in collections without being driven much so will need more recommissioning.

The 6C 1500 is very Mille Miglia elegible.

Price is Euro 175.000,-

A very interesting car and gives much room to perfectionize.

Tel +31 252-218980 or [email protected]

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