Porsche 993 Carrera 4 1995 black

In 1994 the Porsche 964 was replaced by the new line of 993's. The 993 offered not only big technical improvement, but also visually. It had much more flared wheelarches and a smoother front and rear bumper design, an enlarged retractable rear wing and teardrop mirrors. Originally the 993 was available in a coupe and cabriolet version. In 1995 the Carrera S, 4, 4S and Turbo followed. The following year saw the introduction of the Targa model.

The 993 marked the end of an era for Porsche, since it was the last air cooled model they ever produced. The latest 911's, like the 993 and 964 are often referred to as the best and most desirable of the 911 series, because their performance is very good, even by modern standards, and the 993 was the last complete 'modern classic'. The 993 is elegance and muscle all in one package.

The 993 was replaced by the Porsche 996. This represented a dramatic change for Porsche. As many enthusiasts agree, the 993 is one of the sweetest spots in the 911's half-century of existence.

Great Porsche 993 Carrera 4 manual in black.

173.000 KM with full service history. Original service book.

Delivered new to Porsche Stuttgart in Germany on 16-01-1995, C00 car.

The car was delivered from the factory with the following options:

030 - Sport suspension
139 - Seat heating, left
340 - Seat heating, right
398 - 17” wheels
425 - Rear window wiper
573 - Air conditioner / climate control
650 - Sun-moon-roof
659 - Board computer

€57 500,-

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